Medical Case Management:

Link to care,
Help you stay in care,
Obtain help to receive HIV prescription services,
Maintain success to adhere to treatment &
Reach an undetectable viral load.

Ensuring that people living with HIV/AIDS can adhere to treatment plans to improve the quality of health outcomes. Once enrolled, a client may be able to access the following options:
• Transportation assistance to attend medical appointments
• Medical referrals to physicians, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies.
• Provide medication resources and assistance such as MAP (ADAP) & PAP (CHIC).
• Provide food vouchers, and access to food pantries.
• Help with budgeting and financial planning
• Referrals to lawyers and legal organizations

For medical case management please call 815-723-1548 Ext. 24 or 33

For corrections medical case management (see re-entry services tab for more details) please call 815-723-1548 Ext. 22

HIV Counseling and Testing:
Rapid HIV Counseling and Testing through walk-ins, scheduled appointments and other testing programs.

For FREE confidential rapid HIV Counseling and Testing call 815-723-1548 Ext. 22

Risk Reduction:
Education and Prevention
Programs for High Risk Individuals

Permanent/Supportive Housing:
Housing for persons living with HIV/AIDS, individual, and family units.

If needed, referrals are always provided.

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