COVID-19 Update

Dear Friends,

Here at Agape Missions, we understand the uncertainty you may be feeling during this time. No one could have predicted the outcomes caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). In support of social distancing and to ensure that your health and safety is not compromised, we are here to help. Please continue to connect with us at anytime. Call your case manager directly or the agency’s main line or cell line at 815-723-1548 or 815-685-5288 with questions, concerns, and/or updates. We hope this message finds you and your loved ones well and safe. Stronger Together.

Thank you, Agape Staff



Agape Missions, NFP is a not for profit social service agency specializing in providing unique social services.

We provide services to those who were formerly incarcerated and looking to lead a productive life outside of corrections or people affected by HIV/AIDS.

We also provide general counseling and coaching for low income individuals or those involved with DCFS. We meet the needs of diverse populations residing in Will, Grundy, Kankakee, South Suburban Cook and surrounding counties.

Consider joining our social media platforms. We send out important updates, new resources, and free events to our clients and populations to get the word out and help with accessing services. It is a great way to stay in touch with services that may help you or someone you know.


HIV/AIDS Care Services

Ensuring that people living with HIV/AIDS can adhere to treatment plans to improve the quality of health outcomes.

Re-Entry Services

Agape Missions provides the services needed that make it possible for formerly incarcerated individuals to return to a productive, civilian life.

Counseling Services

We offer free general counseling services including Substance Abuse Counseling, Family Counseling and more.


When I first came to Agape Missions, I was newly diagnosed with HIV. I had read about HIV before and my doctor briefly talked to me about HIV and medications but for the most part I was unaware of what it meant to be newly diagnosed. I did not have a job, medical insurance, and had not seen a doctor in over several months. Once I was enrolled in case management, I was able to discuss challenges in my life that were affecting how I lived. With the help from my case manager I was able to sign up for assistance with my medications, find a doctor, and get resources I needed to make the changes I needed in my life. We discussed HIV and how I could still live healthy. I felt more comfortable and had more control over my diagnosis since beginning case management. I am now in a good place. As I continue to overcome barriers in my life, I know Agape Missions is there to help me through it all.

I would like to thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping me find a job, all the hard work paid off because I got a job at Peacock, the lady called me back like she said she would, she even put a good word in about me to the interviewer and by the way the interview went well so I’ll be working in the sanitation department. I also got a call from another company and went to them for an interview as well but Peacock called and told me I got the job yesterday, so I start Monday at 9:30am for orientation. So once again I would like to thank you because this wouldn’t of happened without your tireless effort so continue doing what you doing because guys like myself need people like you who want to see us do something positive with our life, so you take care and God Bless.



When you donate to Agape, you can be assured that your dollars are going directly toward providing services that empower and enhance the lives of those less fortunate in the community.


Agape Missions, NFP
840 Plainfield Rd (Rt 30)
Joliet, IL 60435

Our hours

9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Monday – Friday
or by appointment
We are closed all Federal Holidays

Contact us

Phone: (815) 723-1548
Urgent Line: 815-685-5288
Fax: (815) 740-5910

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